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Recently I’ve gotten tired of maintaining a paid account on, in addition I’ve just wanted to move everything over to a more code like statically generated site hosted via github. I live in github day in and day out so it just makes more sense.

So no more rambling about the move, here’s the details if you want to subscribe to my new blog located @

  • By email, check out and subscribe to my mailing list here ->
  • If you’d like to get the RSS/XML/Atom style feed, it’s now at this path ->
  • You can also obviously just go navigate to
  • …and lastly just follow me @adron or @thrashingcode for regular tweets of published blog entries, and @adron_orange for my OSS and related work at Home Depot Quote Center.
  • Also if for some reason you followed my Tumblr, well that’s all over. I deleted it.  Path will not receive anymore updates either, especially being I’m not sure it exists.
  • As for this domain, I’ll keep it and likely redirect everything to my new blog at some point, however it’ll go dead for a while when WordPress kills my name servers & DNS resources.

Email newsletter note: I’ll be migrating my current wordpress subscribers to my new email notification for new posts. Then if you had your subscription by email, you’ll start receiving it via that email instead of the current wordpress generated email.