__0 “Introducing the Thrashing Code Team & Projects”

In the coming months as I put together technical training material, I’ve created a fictitious team that is made up of the following members. I’ve detailed their roles and provided photos of these individuals, that act as NPCs in creating projects for the training material. To add character to the narrative I’ll be discussing these roles as if from the perspective of these NPCs that are filling the particular roles.


  • KeartidaKeartida Tazi Ralrier – She is handling the role of Senior Software Developer for the projects coming up. She’ll be working through the code using pair programming, test driven development, and behaviour driven development approaches with the team.
  • Norda Llah – She’ll be handling the graphic design, user experience, and related user interface wrangling for the projects. She’ll also be working through the workflow to bring the project collateral into source control and provide top tier interface components for the project.
  • Etart Sechro – He’ll be handling the data science, data analysis, structure, data diagrams, related design and database tooling that will be implemented. If it’s a relation database, key value store, graph database, geo mapping store, or whatever else might come up, Etart is going to be the key mover for the data aspects of the projects.
  • Oi Elffaw – Oi will be handling the wrangling of all us cats working on the project. He’s the project manager and organizer of efforts, but more importantly he’ll be clearing roadblocks and making sure the team can move forward without interruption. Having gotten plenty of things done in the military, he know’s how to get roadblocks removed, nothing like bureaucracy to learn the inroads of road clearing.
  • Nitsirk Naizom – She’s the captain of this ship. She’s complete and total awesomeness. She’ll be commanding and bringing in the business for the project, and making sure company partnerships align right with the projects and the whole host of things that a CEO takes care of.
  • Adron – Well that’s me…  I’m not really an NPC, but I’ll of course be playing the part of programmer and puppet master to all of these characters that I’ve created to build out the Thrashing Code Organization (a real and fictitious company).

Project “Wookie Flika

There are several projects that this team is going to undertake, the first one is for the Pluralsight Course that I’ll be releasing in the near future. I’ll have another blog entry about that, and to know that story you’ll have to get a subscription to Pluralsight (it’s free for a 10-day trial [as of 3/29/2015 5:15pm ;)]) and watch my course when it’s released.  😉

Project “Coder Swap

More about this soon, as this series will be covering the team (i.e. the Thrashing Code Team) that I’ve just introduced. So stay tuned, subscribe, follow me on twitter and onward we go. I’ll be looking for people to help out with some parts of this project over time. For example, I’d love to have an Erlang, Go, and related stacks fronting some API end points over time. But more on that as we go…  if you’d like to help out though, ping me on twitter or email me and we’ll sync up. Maybe we’ll put together some non-NPCs to build some of this.



  • NPC – NPC stands for Non-Player Character or Non-Playing Character. An NPC is a character in a RPG, or Role-Playing Game, that the person leading the game controls. Specifically it is any character in the game that the other people playing the game do not control. These other players control their own characters, which are referred to as player characters.
  • The index for this and all upcoming articles in this Thrashing Code Projects article series will be available for reference on this page.